Transportation Design

We Offer:

  • Project Feasibility and Planning: We conduct in-depth feasibility studies and planning assessments to evaluate the viability of infrastructure projects. Our consultants assess site conditions, analyze project requirements, consider environmental factors, and develop comprehensive plans that align with the client’s objectives and regulatory requirements.


  • Design and Engineering: Our team of engineers and designers provide expert design and engineering services for infrastructure projects. We develop detailed design plans, incorporating road widening, curbs, sidewalks, bicycle lanes, retaining walls, intersection realignment, and more. Our designs prioritize functionality, safety, sustainability, and compliance with applicable codes and standards.


  • Traffic and Transportation Planning: We specialize in traffic and transportation planning, addressing the complex challenges of traffic flow management, intersection optimization, and road safety. Our team of engineers and designers utilize their extensive knowledge to provide designs of transportation systems that are efficient and safe, incorporating signalized intersections, street lighting, traffic signals, and pedestrian-friendly infrastructure including bicycle lanes and shared cycling facilities.
  • Utility Infrastructure Management: We offer expertise in managing utility replacements and upgrades within infrastructure projects. Our consultants collaborate with utility providers to coordinate the design and implementation of underground utilities, such as water, sewer, and stormwater systems. We ensure proper integration of utility infrastructure to minimize disruptions and optimize project efficiency.
  • Construction Management and Oversight: We provide comprehensive construction management and oversight services to ensure the successful execution of infrastructure projects. Our team monitors construction activities, manages project schedules and budgets, conducts quality control inspections, and ensures adherence to design specifications and regulatory requirements.