Simcoe Road Urbanization – Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury

Project Description

Client: Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury

The Simcoe Road Urbanization Project involved the urbanization and reconstruction of Simcoe Road, including the installation of new storm and sanitary sewers, culvert reconstruction, replacement of 1.3 km of watermain, as well as a new dual sanitary forcemain (3.7 km, with 1.2 km using horizontal directional drilling) to service a proposed development. The project included the co-ordination of the following sub-consultants: an Electrical Consultant, an Environmental Consultant, a Landscape Architect, a Geotechnical Consultant, a Subsurface Utility Engineering Consultant and an Archaeological Consultant.

The project presented several environmental challenges due to the proximity to natural watercourses and a dense wooded area. Key elements of the project included stakeholder management, traffic management, construction staging and watermain commissioning plans, watercourse re-alignment, obtaining necessary permits and approvals, and the design of a 3.7 km long multi-use path for the local community’s recreational use.


of a 1.3 km watermain


3.7km dual sanitary forcemain

Our services encompassed the following key areas:

Conceptual and Final Design:
We undertook the complete design process, ensuring the development of an effective and sustainable infrastructure solution for Simcoe Road.

Sub-Consultant Coordination:
We efficiently coordinated a team of sub-consultants, including Electrical, Environmental, Landscape Architecture, Geotechnical, Subsurface Utility Engineering, and Archaeological experts, ensuring seamless collaboration and integration of their specialized knowledge.

Stakeholder Management and Communications:
We effectively managed and communicated with stakeholders, fostering productive relationships throughout the project’s lifecycle.

Agency Approvals:
We facilitated the approval process, engaging with the Town and other regulatory bodies, such as the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority (LSRCA), to obtain the necessary permits and approvals.

Tender Document Preparation:
We prepared comprehensive tender documents, enabling a transparent and competitive bidding process.

Contract Administration and Site Inspection:
We provided diligent contract administration services, overseeing project execution and conducting thorough on-site inspections to ensure compliance with specifications and regulations.

The Simcoe Road Urbanization project demanded attention to detail and a strategic approach to address environmental concerns, stakeholder engagement, and the design of a multi-use path for community recreational use. Accardi Schaeffers successfully delivered the required engineering and project management services, contributing to the transformation of Simcoe Road into a modern and sustainable thoroughfare for the benefit of Bradford West Gwillimbury’s residents and future development.

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