Major Mackenzie Drive Improvements – City of Vaughan

Project Description

Client: City of Vaughan

Accardi Schaeffers was chosen by the City of Vaughan, to oversee and design major improvements along Major Mackenzie Drive. Our goal was to address the installation of missing segments of concrete sidewalk and the provision of new street lighting in various sections between Peter Rupert Avenue and a section east of Dufferin Street. These improvements were required in both urban and rural cross-sections, surrounded by private developments.

Our scope of services included collaborating with an Electrical Consultant to design approximately 1.5 km of missing concrete sidewalk and providing new street lighting spanning approximately 2.5 km within the project area. Throughout the project, we encountered significant grading concerns in an area regulated by the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA). Additionally, this specific area was identified as a habitat for a Species at Risk. To ensure the preservation of the newly constructed sidewalks, we engaged a Geotechnical Consultant to conduct a slope stability assessment and develop a cost-effective maintenance solution.


1.5 km of missing concrete sidewalk


new street lighting spanning 2.5km


an MSE system 100m in length

We successfully provided the following services:

Preliminary and Detailed Design of Sidewalks and Street Lighting:
We executed a comprehensive design process for the missing sidewalk segments and the installation of new street lighting.

Stakeholder Management and Communications:
We effectively managed communication and collaboration with relevant stakeholders throughout the project, ensuring smooth coordination.

Agency Approvals:
We obtained necessary approvals from regulatory bodies, including the TRCA, York Region, and the Ministry of the Environment (MOE).

LED Feasibility Assessment:
Our team conducted an assessment to determine the feasibility of using LED technology for the street lighting, considering energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Slope Stability Assessment:
We engaged a Geotechnical Consultant to assess the stability of the slopes in the TRCA-regulated area, ensuring the long-term preservation and maintenance of the sidewalks.

Our solution to address the grading concerns and preserve the newly constructed sidewalks involved designing and implementing a Maccaferri Terrawall Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) system. This system, measuring 100 meters in length and 5 meters in height, featured a vegetative face, blending harmoniously with the surrounding environment. We provided detailed design services, obtained necessary permits and approvals, prepared tender and contract documents, and facilitated construction administration.

Through our expertise and comprehensive range of services, Accardi Schaeffers successfully completed the Major Mackenzie Drive Improvements project, enhancing pedestrian infrastructure and street lighting in the City of Vaughan. Our solutions addressed environmental considerations and ensured cost-effective long-term maintenance, contributing to the overall development of the city’s infrastructure.

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