Hwy 27 Watermain Replacement – Township of King

Project Description

Client: Township of King

We partnered with the Township of King to undertake a crucial watermain replacement project along the urbanized and heavily trafficked Highway 27 corridor in the Nobleton community. With a span of approximately 600 meters, including the King Road and Highway 27 intersection, our mission was to install new valves, chambers, hydrants, and associated components to ensure a reliable water supply.


watermain spanning 600m


$50K (Design and CA) & $50K (Const. Est.)

Our comprehensive range of services included:

Conceptual and Final Design:
We meticulously completed the design process, developing an effective watermain replacement solution that met the project’s requirements.

Sub-Consultant Coordination:
We efficiently coordinated all sub-consultants involved in the project, fostering collaboration and optimizing the overall workflow.

Stakeholder Management and Communications:
We skillfully managed and communicated with stakeholders to ensure their involvement and satisfaction throughout the project, fostering a collaborative and transparent environment.

Agency Approvals:
We obtained necessary approvals from various agencies, including the Township and York Region, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

Tender Document Preparation:
We prepared comprehensive tender documents that facilitated a transparent and competitive bidding process, ensuring the selection of qualified professionals.

Contract Administration and Inspection:
Our dedicated team provided diligent contract administration services, overseeing the execution of the project and conducting thorough on-site inspections to maintain quality control.

Contractor Pre-Qualification Package:
We prepared a comprehensive package to pre-qualify contractors, ensuring that only experienced and competent professionals were considered for the project.

Through our comprehensive services, Accardi Schaeffers successfully completed the Hwy 27 Watermain Replacement project for the Township of King. Our expertise, dedication, and attention to detail contributed to the efficient and effective replacement of critical infrastructure. Throughout the project, we prioritized compliance, stakeholder engagement, and seamless project execution, resulting in a successful outcome for the Township of King and the community it serves.

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